Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You put your heart and soul in taking good care of your dog. But you might wonder if your dog just wanders around to eat grass. As soon as you take your dog out, It immediately looks for grass and pounders on it. Have you ever wondered why your dog is eating grass?

Never panic if you find your dog feeding on the grass. We have taken this issue and made a deep analysis of it and we, here give you a detailed report on it.

Firstly, the main concern comes with your dog’s health. You may find your dog vomiting after grazing on the grass. You might at times wonder what made him act as a cow and now suffer terribly.

Eating Disorder?

Have you heard of this term, pica. Pica is nothing but a term used to describe eating disorder and absolutely you might think that your dog is suffering from pica. But actually it is not. At times pica also describes some sort of deficiency in your dog’s body when it feeds on the grass.

You might often see your puppy and the younger ones, on moving out, immediately start eating grass but this might be because of being bored or locked in the dog crates. As soon it gets released, the excitement in him makes him eat grass at times.

A vet’s opinion:

But a vet always considers that as a normal activity. They define canines who eat grass will always fall under two categories. Based on a recent survey conducted with the owners of the dog, 92%of the owners stated that dogs thinks grass as a plant and starts eating them. They also stated that most of the times when the dogs feel bored, they observed their dogs feeding on the plants.

Vet’s also suggest that a dog’s unhealthy stomach gets healed due to its feeding on the grasses. These grasses are less acidic in nature and it is highly rich in fibre content. These fibre content grasses sothe’s a dog’s upset stomach and heals him.

Some people also suggest that if a dog has any sort of digestive issues then it feeds on the grass and it then vomits. After vomiting, It feels light and the digestive system is free from any issues. Few people also suggest that the dogs are not so smart to solve their digestive issues by feeding on grass.

Dog owners suggest that not all dogs vomit after eating the grass. It is only 24%of the dogs vomit after eating the grass. Many dog owners do not accept the fact that their dog was unwell before eating grass.

Apart from eating grass to avoid their boredom, dogs also feed on grass to enrich themselves with the fibre content. Grasses are generally considered as a plant with rich fibre content. So to enrich itself with the fibre content, the dogs feed on the grasses at times.

Some dog owners decided to check out what attracts the dogs towards the grasses. They decided to feed their dogs regularly for utmost ten dogs with grass. What they observed was quite astonishing. Their dogs initially with much happiness started to feed on grass and vomited for three days. And on the next  two days, the dogs slowly started disliking the taste of grass. And on the next five days, the dogs did not eat grass at all.

So the basic inference that the dog owner observed from the above incident is that the dogs just liked the taste of grass. And so they feed on them. And providing the grass on a regular basis made them not like the taste of it.

Should I stop my dog feeding the grass

So immediately the next question that arises in everyone’s mind is that should i stop my dog eating grass. But just imagine can you pull your dog away from grass when you are taking him on a walk. No isn’t it!

To avoid such circumstances, try to understand your dog through its habit. When your dog is feeding on the grass whenever you are taking him out, then do understand that your dog is feeling bored.

You can eradicate your dog’s boredom by playing some games with him on the ground. At times, take him to an open space and engage with him by playing games like Frisbee. Your dog would definitely like it. You can also get him some toys to chew with. At times a dog feeds on the grasses just because of its taste and it at times needs some things to chew on. Being a good dog owner does understand your dog and get him some chew toys.

As discussed above a dog feeds on the grass because of its nutritional deficiency. Instead of worrying about your dog, try to understand your dog. Change his food supplements and give him some alternate food that is rich in fibre content. An alternate food with high fibre content will suffice for a dog who is in need of a nutrition diet.

Points to consider:

The main cautious step you should follow before taking your dog on a walk is that there might be some toxic substances sprayed on the plants as an insecticide and pesticides. When your dog feeds on such plants or grass then definitely it is going to be harmful for your dog. At times these pesticides cause harmful effects on your dogs and it might indirectly be a cause for your dogs to vomit. To avoid such harmful effects on your dog, make sure you do not take your dog to a lawn which are protected by insecticides

So stop bothering yourself when your dog feeds on grasses. Dogs feeding on grasses are not an issue to hang on with. When you see some abnormal activity like persistent vomit after your dog  feeding on the grass then it is high time to take your dog to a vet. After all we love and care for pet dogs.

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