The rarest dog breeds

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The world of pets is very rich and amazing: in addition to those known to most people, there are also quite rare breeds of dogs. Some of them are little-known outside their homeland, others are on the verge of extinction, and you can get others by standing in line for several years or paying a very large sum. We tell you about the origin of these rare breeds of dogs, with photos and names, as well as about the main features of their representatives.


Recognized as one of the rarest, oldest and purest indigenous Japanese breed. Traditionally, its representatives were used for hunting in the mountains. Kai-inu has a dense, muscular build, pointed ears, has dark, often brown fur with yellow stripes. This is a very smart dog, and also a loyal and devoted companion. She is known for her ability to climb trees. She is disposed to training, which is better to start from childhood.


The breed was bred in Africa, the Sahel region, to protect the wigwams of nomads wandering through the deserts. The long-legged, tall and elegant Azawak hound has a fine coat of various colors, a harmonious physique and is distinguished by graceful movements. The greyhound detects prey thanks to a highly developed nose and a keen eye. She is characterized by independence and restraint, as well as a non-playful character, but she shows affection to her master and becomes an excellent companion.

Lagotto romagnolo

The oldest water retriever in the world. Born in medieval Italy, lagotto traditionally took ducks out of the swamps, luring them with the white tip of his tail. Thanks to his keen nose and waterproof coat, as well as his hunting skills, he has been involved in hunting waterfowl for centuries. Now the dog is getting truffles. It has a strong, proportionally folded body, covered with fluffy curly hair. The main colors are white, brown, gray, with spots of the same shades. Playful by nature and easy to learn pet.


The rarest native breed from the UK, currently under great threat of extinction. It was bred in the Middle Ages to protect the fishing industry from annoying otters (hence its name). Thanks to its webbed paws, it is an excellent hunter both on land and in water. This large, good-natured animal has a powerful neck, a long tail and broad, muscular paws. Known for its amazing hair and friendliness, this bloodhound has a sensitive and calm character and will be a great companion for a lonely owner.


A distinctive feature of the representatives of this Hungarian shepherd breed are high-sticking ears with a drooping tip and curly hair. The muzzle of the pumi looks square due to the peculiar growth of hair, and the owner of the stuffed and dense cover looks a little sullen due to the characteristic eyebrows. This is a responsible and serious worker, capable of herding a whole flock of sheep, and at the same time a mischievous and cheerful dog, devoted to the owner.


Interesting dog breeds include this spaniel originally from the Netherlands. Initially, the koikerhondye was intended for hunting waterfowl, which he lured with the white tip of his tail. This is a fairly small sporty dog with a white-red coat and a dewy long tail. One of the main recognizable features is the long black fur on the tips of the ears, the so-called earrings. He has a good-natured disposition and watchdog skills. A mobile and alert sports dog.

Finnish Spitz

A red breed of hunting dogs with a fox face, nicknamed the “barking bird dog”. Its roots go back to the dark red aboriginal dogs from the territory of Finland and present-day Karelia. The Finnish Pomeranian is characterized by will and intelligence, as well as a sonorous barking at everything that the dog finds unusual. A great pet for the whole family.

Italian spinone

Hunting dogs from the Piedmont region in Italy. Spinones have incredible stamina, charming scruffy appearance and cute nature. Strong and muscular, they possess the skill of a hunter – they point at the game with their muzzle and pull the birds out of the water. In a homely atmosphere, they are calm, friendly and obedient.

Thai Ridgeback

Until recently, this breed was almost unknown outside of its native country. In addition to Thailand, the habitat of its representatives is Indonesia and Vietnam. Ridgeback is very mobile and active, has impressive jumping abilities. Another distinctive feature is the crest of wool along the spine, growing in the opposite direction. It is usually characterized by one of four (red, black, blue, vanilla-pink) solid colors. Smart and tactful dog, a great friend for the whole family.

Norwegian Lundehund

It is recognized as one of the rarest dog breeds due to its unique characteristics. Originating from islands off the coast of Norway, it is adapted for hunting puffins along coastal cliffs. The agile Norwegian has developed the perfect skills to overcome rocky cliffs: six fingers on each front paw, adjustable ears and a flexible neck, turning which the dog can touch the spine. This northern hunting dog has a wild-type hair coat with a white-red, sometimes even a crimson color with black inclusions. Thanks to her cheerful and affectionate nature, she became an ideal pet for active families.


It comes from the Dutch province of Friesland. Initially, representatives of this breed lived on farms and were used for draft work. They also demonstrated their skills as swimmers and duck hunters. The coat is usually black-white or white-brown with inclusions, forms a collar on the chest, a suspension on the tail and feathering on the back of the paws. Smart and sociable dog is easy to train. For his affectionate nature and devotion, he is loved by breeders.

Leopard Dog

A versatile working dog that combines strength with agility and endurance. The origin of this breed, also called Catahula, goes back to the puppies of Spanish settlers and Indians. It is made different from others and recognizable by beautiful brown spots on its short coat, resembling the color of a leopard.


A strong dog originally from Germany is simply designed for security, guard, as well as rescue and search operations. It has a strong and muscular body, a powerful head and strong paws, elongated fur on the belly. Hovawart has a stable disposition and an excellent protective instinct, he is not aggressive towards people and becomes a good companion.

Swedish Valhund

An intelligent and energetic native of Sweden belongs to the shepherd breed, has a thick fluffy coat and a thirst for life. It is believed that the Valhunds once accompanied Viking ships. A devoted and energetic pet gets along well with adults, children and animals. A godsend for the family!


Once the favorite animals of the Aztecs, today xolo is on the list of rare dogs. Despite the reputation of being “hairless”, for which it is also called Mexican naked, a dog can have different types of hair. This is one of the oldest dog breeds on the planet. She is known as a loving friend for the whole family and a vigilant watchman.

Smooth – faced Pyrenean Shepherd

A hardworking shepherd breed, descended from ancient sheepdogs from the harsh French Pyrenees. These Sheepdogs have an athletic build, the coat is either long or of medium length. The color of the coat is diverse: there are gray, striped, yellowish-brown and marble-blue colors. The affectionate and cute dog, because of its restlessness and loud barking, is not intended for living in an apartment, but in the house it will become a real assistant and defender.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

The breed, otherwise called the “Peruvian naked dog”, includes agile and intelligent greyhounds native to the mountains of South America. They have a tuft on their head – a small patch of hair on the bald crown, a kind of distinguishing feature. Also, contrary to the name, Peruvians are completely covered with wool. They don’t like outsiders and are wonderful watchmen.

Bedlington Terrier

Representatives of this breed were originally bred for heavy work in mines. Rare in most countries outside the UK. Outwardly they look like white curly sheep, but they are very brave by temperament and do not let themselves be offended. These cute and cuddly dogs are brilliant housemates, vigilant watchdogs, versatile athletes and irresistible pets.

Beaver Yorkshire Terrier

The Beaver Yorkshire Terrier joined the most unusual dog breeds in 1988. A distinctive feature of the young breed is an elegant long coat, more like human hair. The color of these rare purebred dogs is dominated by three colors: black, white and red. Beaver York is known for its friendliness, playfulness and energy, which makes it an excellent pet.

Czech Terrier

To hunt animals living in burrows, this breed of dog was bred in Czechoslovakia in 1948. Their main features are short paws, as well as a long head, bushy eyebrows, mustache and beard. Such a pet has a curly and silky coat. The smart and curious Czech Terrier is an excellent home companion who loves long walks in the fresh air.


The American breed of dog, designed for sledding, appeared in the early 20th century. Chinook was created as an alternative to husky, it absorbed its best qualities: strength, durability, adaptability to low temperatures. Chinook is a muscular working dog, very strong and hardy, loving physical activity and active movement.

Dandy Dinmont Terrier

How the breed was bred in Scotland for the needs of farming life – for example, for catching rodents, and then hunting burrowing animals. The ancestors of the Dandy Dinmont Terrier are Scottish Terriers. A small-sized dog with a unique appearance and habits of a hunter gets along well in an urban environment and enjoys success with breeders for his kind disposition and cheerfulness.

English Foxhound

The most famous English breed of hounds, used mainly for hunting. And although they are gentle and sociable, they are not intended for an urban environment – a fast and powerful dog needs regular training and high physical activity. But it will be an excellent partner for the owner on a hike and on a bike ride.

The Afghan Hound

This one of the rarest dog breeds in the world immediately attracts attention: loose curls, tall stature and wise eyes. This ancient breed looks like a canine royal and behaves just as nobly. The Afghan hound is a hound dog, so it can break down and follow its flair. She treats strangers coolly and has her own opinion.


Representatives of this breed, although “capricious” in name, are actually cheerful and very active. Hungarian shepherd dog of medium size, it is well built. The body of the sharp-eared animal is covered with wavy hair, and the pet itself has high intelligence and agility. A great helper and an effective watchdog.

Tibetan Mastiff

A rare large dog, similar in genetics to wolves, is especially popular in China. This breed is appreciated for its inherent intelligence and unsurpassed qualities of a guard. Prefers to sleep during the day, and is active at night. He can be quite stubborn and sensitive to changes in his environment. Attentive to family members, kind to children.

Jamen cooley

Farmers in Australia worked on the appearance of this breed, who wanted to breed the perfect shepherd dog. As a result, the dog turned out to be strong and hardy, independent in decision-making. It is medium-sized, the coat has a blue, red, black or marble color. This obedient dog is a wonderful friend for the whole family and a guard for children.

Estrel Shepherd Dog

The breed of dog named after the mountains is extremely rare outside of Portugal. The coat of large dogs can be both long and short, black, fawn, shaded red are more common in color. He has a calm disposition, chooses one owner among the family members – the most attentive to himself.


The Catalburun can be ranked among the strangest breeds of dogs due to its forked nose. This rare hound dog originally from Turkey is recognized as one of the best in the search business. He has a loose, but strong build, a thick hide and a short adjacent coat, often of two colors. This pointer has an excellent sense of smell and great endurance, so he needs ample opportunities for exercise, a spacious territory. A calm and friendly companion for a person.


An ancient breed of dog from Korea, which is a cult for the Koreans themselves. According to legend, they have special mystical abilities that help protect the owner’s house from evil spirits. They have a long thick coat of blue, gray, yellow or brown colors and their shades. They have a strong build and large paws, the tail is twisted on their back. Suspicious of strangers, loyal to the owner.


A shepherd breed bred on the territory of the Balkan countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Croatia. Large and powerful, almost square in shape, tornyak usually has a two- or three-color cover with a predominance of white. He has a long mane of wool around his head, and furry “pants” on his hind legs. The dog is serious, balanced, calm, but when threatened, he reacts quickly and is ready for battle.


Dogs of this rare breed from the DPRK are adapted for the mountainous terrain from where they come. They are strong and agile, can show the hunting habits of their ancestors – North Korean wolves. They usually have a white color, their fur is thick, their ears are pointed. This smart dog is considered a loyal friend to the owner.


It is considered the only Malaysian breed that has spread beyond its homeland. Dogs of this rare breed were originally bred as hunting assistants and house guards. The physique of such dogs is powerful, but dry, strong and thick tail. A sporty and intelligent dog is considered an excellent watchman and an obedient pet.


One of the rarest breeds of dogs, which is unlikely to be found in Russia, is also called the “Arab greyhound”. These are flexible and fast hounds designed for hunting game in the deserts of North Africa. Due to their nature, they need regular active walks and space for running, so they are better suited for a private home. They keep their distance from strangers, are reserved, but they are loyal and gentle to their owners.

Golden Docks

Having appeared when crossing a golden retriever and a dachshund, this hybrid breed is also infrequent. From one predecessor got a long coat, and from the second – an elongated body. At the same time cute and energetic, the dog needs active games, she is grateful to the owners for the time spent together.

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